Historic vehicles

The cataloging of historic vehicles aims to protect and safeguard the cars of historical interest, and facilitate their movement within the conditions that are desirable.

You may also have other advantages for owners of classic vehicles: less frequently pass by ITV, exemption from certain technical requirements that would otherwise frustrate the vehicle registration, insurance and tax reductions. It is especially interesting when you want rematricular an old vehicle.

According to Royal Decree 1247/1995 approving the Regulation of Historic Vehicles approved, may be classified as such:

  • Vehicles with a minimum age of 25 years from the date of manufacture, which retain their original features.
  • Vehicles belonging to the historical heritage, or that may be considered of cultural interest.
  • The car collection with particular unique characteristics.

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Vehicle Laboratory at the University Miguel Hernández is accredited by the Valencian Community, the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia and the Community of Castilla La Mancha as Official Laboratory for the issuance of pre-cataloging of Historic Vehicles reports.

Our function is to analyze the documentation, inspecting vehicles and conduct the research necessary in each case to verify the authenticity of the vehicle. If the result is positive, a report on its authenticity, technical characteristics, exemptions and conditions to be met in technical inspections and possible limitations their circulation is issued. This report will be required by the competent authority in each region for cataloging and subsequent registration of the vehicle as historical.

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Documents required for the report

  • Documentation available vehicle (technical sheet, registration certificate, etc.).
  • Traffic background report, if the vehicle is not currently circulating in Spain (discharged or import)
  • Reduced technical sheet of the vehicle.
  • Manufacturer’s certificate or a club of historical vehicles in which the suitability of the vehicle to be listed as a historic is expressed.

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Once issued the previous report for cataloging as VH, the following steps for registration will be held:

  • Present in the competent organism of the Autonomous Community (Ministry of Industry) technical laboratory report for official accreditation as VH.
  • The documentation obtained an MOT vehicle for new documentation (ITV card), and check that the vehicle is good.
  • Enroll as VH in the Provincial Traffic Authority.

* If several vehicles are inspected in the same place could be shared travel expenses.
**This text has been translated using a machine translation engine.

20 January 2015